VR Meeting & Conference Platform

Why Choose SaturnMeet as Your Online Event Platform?

SaturnMeet is an ultimate virtual event platform in Portland, OR - providing a best-in-class solution for booking online events. Our next-generation system provides end-to-end customer support to ensure that your events are significant and offer a memorable experience for all the participants.

Seamless VR Meeting and Conference Platform for Your Business & Personal Needs

SaturnMeet – Your Virtual Event Planning & Ticketing Platform

At SaturnMeet, we provide a best-in-class experience for your event planning and ticketing needs. Our team focuses on delivering a seamless customer experience by making your virtual events like actual ones. Use our virtual events platform to give your virtual conferences or meetings an official online address.

Features of SaturnMeet– To Suit Your Virtual Event, Virtual Meeting, and Virtual Conference Needs

One in All VR Ticketing and Conference Platform

At SaturnMeet, we create VR events corridor where the audiences and interact easily, set up their profiles, buy tickets, etc. in a seamless manner. Moreover, our virtual meeting or conference sessions ensure that the speakers can host their meetings in real-time, or their conferences can be accessed as an on-demand facility - providing a top-notch experience.

Environment Designed for Your Needs

The virtual event space provided by SaturnMeet can accommodate both small and massive events. Moreover, expandable seating arrangements are provided to suit the needs of large corporate events.

Industry Standard Highly Scalable System

Our virtual event booking and ticketing platform can support multiple users simultaneously – to provide a feeling of togetherness in the virtual environment. It helps around a thousand people to be present simultaneously – without feeling any hassles in streaming.

Quality Training and Support

We understand users' needs and work closely with them to help them get familiar with the system. Our motto is to ensure those event participants, main event organizers, and the event presenters can seamlessly use our platform and enjoy it to the fullest.